Sunday, August 26, 2007


Just a few pictures of the view from Provincetown Harbor and out seeing the whales.

A few more days of summer

Just a few more days until I fly to Kazakhstan. In the meantime, I'm enjoying as much of the Cape Cod summer as possible. Mom, Dad, and I went out on a whalewatch earlier today. We're fortunate enough to live right near the summer feeding grounds of a large group of humpback whales--Stellwagon Bank is right off of the coast of Provincetown. It's an amazing (and humbling) experience to see these enormous mammals swim right by the boat. Today, we even saw a young humpback calf flirt with the boat--swimming right up to the edge and slapping his (her??) enormous flippers in the water and soaking us all with salt spray. I'll definitely miss the ocean while I'm in Kazakhstan--the next time I see a fishing boat, it will likely be one that was left stranded when the Aral Sea shoreline receded. It will be an exciting trip, though, with quite a few new experiences to write home about.

That's all for now--I'll write again once I'm settled in Almaty. Now it's time to go find Dad to see if there are any margaritas in the making. After all, it is a sunny summer afternoon on Cape Cod!