Sunday, January 13, 2008

Reminder about viewing pictures

Just a reminder--if you can't see the pictures in your email, you can:

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Daily Life for Rural Uyghurs-pictures

1) carrying water to the house (notice veil that woman is wearing, and also donkey cart in background)

2)waking up the baby (and untying him from the cradle!)

3)mother and son

4)living room (note musical instrument)


Pictures of the World's Freshest Chicken, before and after

Camel riding in the Taklamakan Desert-pictures

1)Writing in the sand 2)sand dunes 3)me and my camel 4)camels

Pictures from Kashgar-en route to go camel riding

1)Willow tree that is over 1000 years old (and yes, that is me--in a typical travel outfit over here. There really is no need to get all dressed up so that you can go ride a camel, after all!). 2)doorway to an Uyghur house. 3)Man and his wife on a donkey cart (on the highway). 4)Muslim cemetary at sunrise.

Pictures from Kashgar

Pictures are: (it appears that they posted in the reverse order from the numbering). You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger image (or, if you don't see the pictures in your email, go to

1)entrance to bazaar in Kashgar (note the man in dressed in green--he is one of the Mosque authorities that patrol the area). 2) Id Kah mosque (the largest mosque in China, I believe) in Kashgar. 3)restaurant in Uyghur section of Kashgar. 4) Statue of Mao. 5) street of artisans and craftsmen in Kashgar. 6)making the bridge for Amelia's Qutar. 7)Dinner that night! Spicy intestines. YUM!!

updates and Urumqi to Kashgar picture

I haven't had the chance to get much writing done the last few days, as I have been instead drinking vast amounts of tea in my kitchen and trying to get rid of a sinus infection/bronchitis. Apparently, I must have sat in a draft or had cold milk to drink. These are clear causes of illness over here, and I have been told to avoid them.

Anyway, depending on the Internet speed at the cafe near my house, I will be posting as many pictures as possible from the trip to China. Updates WILL follow long as I continue to avoid those drafts!

(the picture in this post is from the train ride between Urumqi and Kashgar)