Monday, October 8, 2007


Well, last night was my first opportunity to see a ballet performed live. It was a Turkish production of "Legendary Lovers". Quite an experience--I'll write more about it later on. Following the ballet, it was off to a concert in the center of the city--right next the building that was seat of government during the Soviet Union. There is NOTHING quite like seeing "The Doors" performing in Russian in downtown Almaty. Of course, "The Doors" is the translation of their name. They were actually more like "Take That" or some other lip-synching boy band. Wow. What can be said??? It was an absolutely wonderful time--my friend convinced the police that I was a member of the press, so we were able to go into the restricted areas and take pictures. It was a fantastic night--and definitely one to remember. Right now, it's time to do some homework, so I'll keep this short. However, I did want to post a picture from the ballet last night--I hear some little boys in Kansas want to see if their aunt looks different over here. You be the judge!